Obtain The Gas Safety Certificate Prior To House Rentals

Landlords may wish to rent their idle properties so that they can generate income out of the unused properties. It is a good idea for making extra money for your expenses but lots of things are required to be considered before renting the property. Out of those things, one is obtaining the gas safety certificate. It is the legal document which is obtained from the local authority to ensure that all the gas connections in your house are fully functional and there is no breakage or faults in the gas pipeline and gas appliances in the house.

Importance of obtaining gas safety certificate

Landlords are abided by the duty to take care of their tenant’s safety at their property by obtaining the gas safety certificate. This duty of the landlords is extended to the huge range of accommodations they offer on rent. When the land lord obtains this certificate, it becomes easy for the tenant to check the safety concern in the property which they are willing to hire. Landlords can also negotiate on the rates of the rental properties. It just not only protects the tenants but also forms an important part of the signing agreement between the landlord and the tenants. Read more about obtaining the gas safety certificate at the website http://www.advplumbingandheating.co.uk.

Main points in the gas safety certificates

Some of the main points which are included in the gas safety certificate of most of the states are;

  • Details about each appliance in the house
  • Note of the faulty and defective appliance
  • Details of the property including address and name of the property owner
  • Result of the gas safety check

It also certifies that the gas appliances and the pipelines are according to the norms and regulations of the state authority and you are saved from the legal restrictions.

Gas safety check

Annual gas safety checks are required to be conducted for ensuring better safety of the properties. It will ensure that the appliances are safe and healthy to use. In case, there are any breakages in the pipeline or any appliance is faulty, then it is repaired easily. During the gas safety checks, installation performance tests are done.

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