Points That You Need To Know Before Buying A Welding Helmet

In welding companies, the workers need to have proper protection gear so that they can protect themselves from any kind of problem or disaster that not only harms their health but also affects the company work process badly. During the welding process, several rays are emitted that if come in contact with the eyes can damage the eyes and can even make the worker blind. Thus, it is essential to wear the welding helmet while working.

Such helmets are one of the most important things that every worker should have while they are welding. It works as a shield that protects worker’s eyes as well as face from sparks that develop during the welding objects. These sparks are very harmful and can cause problem related to eye sight or any other face related issues. Besides that, welding helmet protects workers from slag or materials that fly during welding process. It also acts as a safeguard which makes sure that your head is protected from the overheating. Also, every worker has to very informed about the helmet and it benefits so that they make its use.

Buying guide on helmet: what are the important points that are important to consider

For buying suitable welding helmet, here are some important points that you need to know and to understand. Such points can help you in choosing the right helmet for your worker that will keep them safe during welding work. It will also give you surety about your worker’s safety.

  • Know which type you are going to buy, there are mainly two important types that you can get in welding helmets i.e. auto darkening or standard lens. Both are extremely good, but if you are looking for the best then you should go with the auto darkening helmet.
  • Next important point that you need to know is what type of material do you want in your helmet? There are stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum steel etc. available in the market with different price tags. You can buy one as per your need.
  • Last but definitely not the least; you should be aware of the weight of the helmet as it is should be comfortable to wear while working. Not only that, safety is another import aspect that you need to understand. It’s important to check the helmet before buying and make sure that they all are marked safe for use.

Qualities of a Good plasma Cutter

Plasma is formed through ionizing gasses that make up steam to making them electrically conductive. This process happens through increasing the heat energy. A plasma cutter uses this gasses such as oxygen, nitrogen or argon which now conduct electricity to transfer energy from the power supply. The plasma cutter directs this energy direct to any conductive material resulting in cleaner and faster cut.

There are a few things you should look for when you go to purchase a plasma cutter. First, you should consider the power output of the machine. Most of the machines will range from 30 mph -50 mph. The power influences the kind of metals you can cut, and the time you can use it per session.

Cutting thickness is one of the most important specification you should look. That is the maximum thickness of metal you can cut while maintaining the smooth edges. The best cutter should perform better than oxyfuel for metals below 2 inches thick. It is important to know the width of the metals you will be cutting because of the greater the thickness that the machine can cut the higher the price. Some cutters may also have added features like severance thickness which describes the width that the metal should be for you to be still able to go through it and is not recommended if you want to maintain clear edges.

The size will always matter for any tool. For any ideal cutter, the size should be perfect in that it is not very big to always remain stationary and not so small so that you can move it with less effort. You should consider the space on your workshop and how often you will be required to shift it.

Next, you should consider the portability and cooling mechanism of the machine there is a variety of cutting purposes that a good cutter can perform. Meaning you will be required to move it around the site or the plant. The cooling system allows one to use the machine for a long time without heating up. The cooling system should also prevent dust from getting inside the plasma cutter.

Lastly, you should consider the quality of the cut. It may be difficult to decide because of the marketing strategies of different seller’s. However, one can look at the properties of the arch and the torch. The arch should produce the plasma in non-disrupted fashion.

It is not an easy task to decide which the best cutter is but if you consider the above qualities, you will make a right decision.