The reason why teeth hurt when eating cold or hot food.

I always wonder why my teeth hurt when I am drinking hot coffee or eating a cold apple.  However, only a few days ago I started closely studying this matter. I learned that both serious and absolutely formidable diseases can serve as the reason for this unpleasant, painful and disruptive feelings. As it was difficult to understand the reason for myself, I decided to visit my dentist (

Therefore, with help of my dentist, I find you several reasons because of which human teeth can react to cold.

If at the beginning tooth reacted only on hot, and then began to hurt also from cold, then the infection most likely got into the tooth.

In order to keep teeth safe, a treatment of a root canal will be required. This procedure must be provided under anesthesia. Otherwise, the patient will differently feel an excruciating pain.

If the tooth was just filled with amalgam or composite and painful feeling haver recently appeared as a reaction to cold right after treatment, then everything is all right. If such is the case, usually there is nothing to worry. Just wait several days. Usually, there is an easy inflammation of a pulp and some time is necessary to pass. If a reaction to cold appeared in a week or more after treatment then perhaps it was not carried out properly and has not established the actual reason of tooth pain. It means that treatment has only aggravated and hyped up a problem source. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately visit the dentist again.

Enamel damage. If enamel was damaged, then persons will also have an unpleasant reaction to cold. Without protective coating in the form of enamel tooth will be defenseless for cold impact. Partial loss of protective coating of tooth enamel is the most common cause of discomfort. If everything is so, a person will feel discomfort and in case of a deep breath of air through a mouth.

Dentin sensitivity. Dentin sensitivity arises when dentine (a tooth bone) becomes bare. Dentine is enameled under the line of a gum. It consists of the tiny openings called tubules. Each tubule has a nerve, which leaves a pulp (the center of the tooth). When dentine becomes bare, cold or hot temperature can influence nerves, causing pain.

Why tooth reacts to hot?

If tooth reacts on hot, it is most likely symptom of the bared nerve. In an internal part of the tooth, there is a cavity, which contains nervous tissue in the healthy tooth (many calls nervous tissue a tooth nerve).