Is Astrology True?

Astrology has survived well for a number of years and is still believed by a lot of people. Ancient Chaldeans, together with the Assyrians, have engaged in astrology for almost 3,000 years. On the other hand, India has been practicing astrology for a couple of millennia. Furthermore, it was adopted in Persia and in Arab world where Muslims widely considered it. Even the Chinese people embraced an intricate and elaborate system of astrology that is connected to yin and yang. These variations suggest that astrology is indeed credible when it comes to proving predictions, specifically on a person’s birth chartWe can say that Astrology is true.

As part of the modern sciences, Astrology encompasses the so called “science of spirituality”. Observation, inference and conclusion are the bases of Astrology. As a knowledge system and science, astrology is unique because it recognizes a specific extent of the restrained world that cannot be recognized by mind and intellect. For an instance, astrology could state if an individual is affected by his ancestors, with the help of the celestial bodies’ position. It is also true in reading your own birth chart.

Astrology can be applied in four different ways:

  1. Predictive- This is applied to know the things which lie ahead
  2. Decision making- It includes knowing the auspicious time for a planned event or giving answers to a question like as when a person should marry.
  3. Diagnostic- This is for understanding the root cause for the difficulty on a certain aspect of life.
  4. Basic nature and compatibility- Star signs are studied in understanding an individual’s basic nature.

Astrologers do their best to understand the person’s destiny with the help of limited information like the latitude and longitude of the place of birth and the time of birth as well. They were able to have a comprehensive data about a person’s birth chart. Moreover, the astrologers try to supply information about a particular aspect of life. It may include the cause of disease, the perfect time to build business establishments, inability to be married and other personal issues.

Destiny is said to be predetermined even before a person’s birth. Similarly, the parents and the person whom we are going to marry are pre-destined. This makes destiny a spiritual issue that can’t be understood by the senses organs, mind and intellect. The astrologers’ ability to predict an individual’s destiny is indeed very interesting.

Astrology will not be entertained for a long period of time if it did not prove something before. The astrologers will not waste their time if nothing happened with their predictions. It is very difficult to just utter words about a person’s birth chart so astrologers are indeed knowledgeable on what they do. There can be a lot of interpretations for each person but the astrologers were able to give descriptions which definitely match on the person’s life along with spacy stuff going on there 😉