Some facts about Botox you don’t know

Botox is a non-surgical treatment administered through the invasion of protein serum formed by botulinum toxin. However, there is some other usefulness or benefits of Botox that is unknown to you.

This is used to treat some health conditions and cosmetically evacuate wrinkles by relaxing the muscle of the infected areas.

Treat hyperactive bladder

In the year 2013, there was a press release from the FDA explaining that adults who have difficulty in restraining themselves from urinating can opt for Botox treatment.

Most women have issues with this and the use of Botox can help to significantly put your overactive bladder under control thereby reducing your frequent urination.

Treat Migraines

Injecting your head due to a severe headache is the last thing you would ever want to do since there are lots of oral drugs that you can use.

But the use of Botox is very effective when it is administered to treat migraines. This is clinically approved by FDA because it has been tested and it’s trusted.

There are some specific places in your neck and head that will be injected and you will see the result just in hours after receiving the treatment.

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Reduces sweat

A larger number of individuals around the globe suffer from over secretion of sweat also known as hyper-hidrosis.

Studies show that Botox injection can help to reduce the excretion of sweat in the body. This help to reduce your risk of getting hydrated more often by injecting those areas like your feet, leg, and armpits.

Botox treatment is the best option if you suffer from Hyper-hidorsis and all other attempts you have used in past times proved abortive.

For Cosmetics

The use of Botox to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and fine lines have been in use for years.

Initially in the year 2000, this drug got approved by FDA for the treatment of the involuntary contraction of the muscles around the shoulder and the neck.

Thereafter in the year 2001, FDA announced that Botox is clinically approved and can be used to treat several health conditions.

Treat Depression

According to psychiatric researchers in the year 2014, about seventy-six people who have been diagnosed to suffer from depression were administered Botox and placebo separately.

Results show that after 42 days the 53 percent of those administered Botox shows big signs of relief compared to those who were administered a saline placebo.

The potency of this research is by limiting their body’s capacity to pout, through transmission of impulses to the part of the brain that can sense depression.

It is not permanent

Lots of individuals expect that once they’ve gotten Botox, they’re altogether finished their treatment and there won’t be any need to do it again.

In all actuality, the outcomes will only last for about three to five months for the vast majority, so if you really want to maintain what Botox treatment has done to you, you’ll need to continue with the treatment.

Fortunately, the treatment process itself doesn’t take long so it won’t exhaust an excessive amount of your time.


Botox treatment has many benefits that you don’t know which is listed above. Botox itself is made from a bacterium and its pretty alarming to imagine using bacteria for treatment and this is why you should never get your treatment from those who are not certified and doesn’t have years of experience.  Consultation is very important before deciding you want Botox treatment.