Tactics to Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

Tactics to Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm keeps changing from time to time. In 2016, for instance, the network announced that user’s feed would give priority to “the moments that you care about.” And, that was the end of the old reverse-chronological feed.

Fast forward in 2019, and the company says that your activity determines what shows up first in your feed. With that in mind, here are some tactics that will help outmaneuver the Instagram algorithm.

Improve the Quality of your Photos

Instagram says that creating great content is directly related to higher ranking in your follower’s feeds.  Sure, that’s pretty obvious, but that what makes great content is the perception of the of the person reading it.

Even then, there’s no denying that a visually striking photo is likely to get more shares and likes. So, make sure that you use bold colors, beautiful landscapes and anything else that will stop scrolling Instagrammers in their tracks and hit the Like button.

Publish Stories Consistently

You will stay ahead of the curve on Instagram if you remain consistent with the frequency at which you publish your Stories.

See, the fact that Stories are arguably the most popular type of content on the platform means that they’ll continue to influence the level of engagement. And so you may know, Stories has surpassed the 500 million daily user milestone, and that’s hard to ignore such numbers.

The long and short of it is that Stories will keep your profile popping up, encouraging your followers to check out your content now and then.

Publish More Videos

Even though Instagram doesn’t say it, it prioritizes videos over photos. Video plays automatically in your followers feed. In essence, this implies that videos are more effective at capturing the attention of scrolling users.

Remember to Automate

Even as you seek to beat Instagram algorithm, don’t forget to automate some tasks such as commenting and liking. The idea is to keep the engagement going on even without logging into your account. All you need to do is to use a premium service such as Social10X. Indeed, automating stuff was never this easy.

The Bottom Line

Instagram, like any other social media platform, will keep tweaking its algorithm. Your work is to figure out what’s happening and how to become better at what you’re doing. The more you master the game, the easier it is to keep your brand shining on the platform.